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Top Selling Items in the 30 days up to November 19, 2020

No. SoldModel
9Techmod Decals 1/72 Allied White Stars
7Frontline 20mm Sandbagged Bunker
5Anyscale 20mm 1/2 Ton Trailer (20B11)
4Emhar 1/72 A7V 'Sturmpanzer' German WWI Tank
4Frontline 20mm British Anderson Air Raid Shelter
4Frontline 20mm British Bedford OYD 3 Ton Truck
4Frontline 20mm Furniture - Sideboard Settee Piano & Fireplace
4Frontline 20mm Italian Fiat 621 Truck
4Frontline 20mm Japanese Isuzu Type94 A/B Personnel Truck
4Frontline 20mm Russian GAZ AA Cargo Truck
4Valiant 1/72 WWII German 81mm Mortar and Tripod MG42 (Fighting 20s)
4Vespid 1/72 British A-34 Comet Mk1A Cruiser Tank
3Academy 1/72 WWII Ground Vehicle Set
3Academy 1/72 WWII US 6x6 Cargo Truck & Accessories
3Ace 1/72 Super Snipe Station Wagon/Estate Version "Woodie"
3Airfix 1/72 Higgins LCVP
3Airfix 1/76 Bedford QLT & Bedford QLD
3Airfix 1/76 Matilda 'Hedgehog'
3Armourfast 1/72 German MG Team
3Early War 20mm Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank
3Early War 20mm US M2 Half Track
3Emhar 1/72 Mk IV 'Female' British WWI Tank
3Emhar 1/72 WWI British Infantry & Tank Crew
3Italeri 1/72 WWII Japanese Infantry
3S-Model 1/72 Willys Jeep & M1917 MG
3Valiant 1/72 WWII British 6 Pounder AT Gun and Crew
3Valiant 1/72 WWII German Paratroopers Heavy Weapons
3Vespid 1/72 German Maus V2 Prototype Super Heavy Tank
3Wee Friends 1/72 British Ammo Boxes (3 Types 5 Each)
3Wee Friends 1/72 German 88mm Flak Ammo Rounds (10 Live 5 Fired)
3Wee Friends 1/72 German Weapons Set 7 (MP43 x10)
3Zvezda 1/72 WWII Soviet 37mm 61-K Anti Aircraft Gun & Crew